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What is House of Clues?

The House of Clues of Harrisonburg is the latest challenging and fun experience for all families, friends and team bonding.
An escape room is an adventure game in which players are “locked” in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and think their way out within 60 minutes.

Is it scary?

No, it is not.  However, it is very exciting, dynamic, and full of fun.

What is the minimum age requirement?

The recommended minimum age is 13 years.  We require at least 2 adults per game.  We want the game to be immersive and enjoyable for all our guests!  We do love families, and families with younger children are welcome, but we do ask that you book a private party so as to have the game to yourselves.  In that case, we require a minimum number purchase and that you call us if you have children under 13 in your party to make arrangements.  

How is parking?

Plenty of parking

Is there a dress code?

Dress comfortably.


An on-line reservation is required.  Please visit the Book Now page to schedule a game and pay.  We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time for pregame briefing.  Games will start promtly at the scheduled time.  You may be denied admittance if you arrive late.  (Please make sure to follow the directions given on your confirmation email, NOT GPS, as GPS will lead you astray!)


Will we be playing with people outside of our party?

There is a chance that you maybe playing with others.  If you prefer to play with only members of your party, you can reserve all the tickets for that time slot.

Can claustrophobic people play?

The rooms do not cause claustrophobia; however, the doors are never locked, and players may leave the room if they feel the need to.  For any special needs in this regard, please inform your game master before the game or call ahead of time.  We have had many people with claustrophobia or anxiety play, and have never had anyone feel the need to leave the game.  You’ll see!


Corporate and school events are welcome.  For larger groups, please contact us.  We also have a mobile game that accommodates up to 50 players.  Please see the Team Building tab for an explanation of Pelahu Island. 

Can I book two separate games to be played at the same time?

Separate games can be booked simultaneously if they are available. Otherwise, please contact us.

Gift Vouchers

We have Gift Vouchers available.
They can be purchased here.

What is the cost?

The price is $25.00 per person.

Can people in wheelchairs play?

Please call us to discuss if one of your team members is in a wheelchair.  The Heist is on the first floor.  

Can pregnant women play?

Yes. We have had numerous pregnant women enjoying our games.  If there is any part of the game a pregnant woman cannot accomplish, another team member will be able to handle the task.  We provide a light portable chair upon request.

How long is the game?

You have 60 minutes to “escape.”

How physical are the escape games?

As long as players are able to walk a few steps, bend down, push and pull doors or lift minor objects, they should be able to do everything required in the game.