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Office doldrums?  Not into holding the sweaty hands of the office grouch to complete the Team Circle at a team building event?  Hmmm…what alternative could there be? 

Tired of the kids looking at their tablets or phones instead of at grandma’s lovely face at family events?  If only there was a way to jazz up your family party with something really cool and different… 

Maybe your sports team needs to add a different kind of teamwork…

A twist on our extremely popular escape rooms, Pelahu Island is a refreshing, interactive, bonding live-action adventure.  You will not be locked in a room, but will have the immersive experience of collaborating together to navigate and unravel clues and puzzles in order to unlock the secret treasure at your location.  Let us bring Pelahu Island to your event for a dynamic, fun, all-for-one, one-for-all game.   

Pelahu is a nation made up of 8 islands.  On the main island there is a treasure of untold wealth which was locked up by pirates long, long ago.  Suitable for 10 to 49 players, you will become a nation of up to 7 tribes, each working out the mysteries on your own island to unlock the treasure chest.  Together you have one mission that can only be accomplished with full cooperation of all tribes.  Get the loot before the volcano erupts! 

Each member must bring their individual type of intelligence and cooperative style.  Communication and inspiration are essential.  Energy and enthusiasm are critical elements.  These are the only things we ask for you to provide.  Oh, and a room that will comfortably fit your size group and 8 tables that will accommodate the players.  And maybe a fruity drink for our pirate mascot, Arrrnold.  He just loves those fruity drinks.  

Call Tara at (540) 810-0623 or send an email with your particulars to VAhouseofclues@ yahoo.com to discuss the details and plan your event… You really want to get your hands on our pirate treasure, don’t you, ye scalawags?